Pyhämaa in English



The Sacrification Church of Pyhämaa was built in 1642-1650. It’s one of the oldest still existing wooden churches in Finland. Inside the church the walls are decorated with paintings (made in the 17th century) relating to biblical events. Next to the Sacrification Church is the New Church of Pyhämaa, which was built of stone in 1804. Both churches are open to the public in summertime:

Opening hours

  • The Sacrification Church of Pyhämaa: 5.6.–13.8. Mon-Sat 11–17 Sun 12–16
  • The New Church of Pyhämaa: 5.6.–13.8. Mon-Sat 11–17

Old shipyard, marina for visiting boats

Opening hours

  • Summertime Tue-Sat 10-16

Pyhämaa is a charming community surrounded by sea on the Finnish West Coast. There are some 650 inhabitants living here. Pyhämaa consists of 250 islands full of greenery and animal life.

Pyhämaa is nowadays part of delightful Uusikaupunki town (pop. 16000). Owing to its exceptional location, its vigorous inhabitants and local associations Pyhämaa has preserved its originality, vitality and vigor. When heading to Pyhämaa by car you realize having arrived at the destination when you cannot continue any further: the sea surrouds you. In the North and the East you find the Mannervesi bay, in the South the Velhovesi bay. In the West wide open seas all the way to the Swedish coast. Watching the sun go down in the Western horizon is a sight not be missed.

Distances: Pyhämaa – Uusikaupunki 24 km (15 mi.), Pyhämaa – Rauma 50 km (31 mi.), Pyhämaa – Turku 90 km (56 mi.) and Pyhämaa – Helsinki 260 km (160 mi.). The closest international airport is located in Turku. There are excellent ferry connections from Stockholm, Sweden to Turku and a daily bus service between Turku and Uusikaupunki. Please note that during the summer season the bus service between Uusikaupunki and Pyhämaa is quite limited. Anyways: Pyhämaa is not so far away – and it’s well worth visiting.

An ancient road wiggles though Pyhämaa from a village to another. These villages used to be separate islands, but because of the slow rise of ground these cliffs have in many places grown together – but some 250 distinct islands still remain. Old farms and fisher’s houses form a typical part of the landscape. The main attraction is the The Church of Sacrification, which was built 1642-50 of logs. This church is the oldest of its type in Finland.

Sea plays and has always played a big role in Pyhämaa daily live. Fishing and maritime trade have for ages been the main occupations for Pyhämaa inhabitants. Farming (especially vegetables), services and tourism are important lines of business. In the early times sailings ships built in Pyhämaa shipyard where common sights on the seas, but shipbuilding has later been discontinued.

Especially in summer the Pyhämaa is full of activity: culture, happenings and events. When one adds on top of this its friendly inhabitants, the exceptional natural beauty, its wide variety of animal life and its relaxed way of life, you might as well admit it’s quite an exceptional place.